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Welcome to Rcity Educational Center, The school you can trust.

Rcity Educational Center is designed with your child’s future in mind.

Know Us Better!

Rcity Educational Center offers unique educational, vocational and technological trainings to school age children and young adults, making them industry ready to confront the challenges of life upon graduation from high school. 


With Rcity Educational Center, your child is on a pathway of realising his or her potentials.

Give your Child Quality Education

No price is too high to pay for your child’s education. Education is crucial to societal, family and individual development. It eradicates illiteracy and it’s accompanying symptoms of poverty, hunger and insecurity. 

Our curriculum is vast and unique, our students graduate to become inventors, innovators, scientists and CEOs.


Whatever dream your child has; we make it happen. 

For every student, every classroom. Real results.

Rcity Educational Center offers bespoke learning environment that enhances assimilation of what is being taught. 

Our staff are highly trained and committed in towards your child’s success.


Classes available


Nursery 1-3

Lower Basic 1-3

Middle Basic 4-5

Upper Basic 7-9

Senior Secondary school 1-3

Vocational classes

Technical classes

Technological classes

Mechanical classes

Coding classes


Our teachers are erudite scholars with great passion to impart knowledge and skills to your children. 

They regularly undertake trainings that will enhance effectiveness in their teaching methodology 

You can learn

Educational services 

Vocational training 

Technological and Technical training 

Coding tutorials


With our enriched curriculum, your child does not only graduate with a WASSCE, NECO or GCE  certificate but with lots of profitable skills that aligns with their interest. 

Every child deserves the chance to learn

Give your child this opportunity to study with us and he/she will keep thanking you for ever.


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Some practical exposures

Our teaching methodology is not only theoretical but practical, giving your child full exposure on the various subjects that aligns with his/her interest 

What our students have to say

The testimonies our students are attestation to what we are doing here at Rcity Educational Center. 

Register your child with us today because similar testimonies awaits him/her.

Chiamaka Emeka

"I'm super happy that my parents brought me here. I'm a member of the news casting group, our duty is to disseminate informations or events happening all over the world on weekly basis in the school. My dream is to become a journalist.

Erejuwa Favour

"My passion is in medicine and surgery and it's always interesting for me to examine models of human skeleton and the human body in the laboratory. I feel so fulfilled studying here"

Karen Ige

"I'm a technological enthusiast with great passion in electronics and electricity, Rcity Educational Center has given me theoretical and practical exposures on how electricity and electronics operate"

Halima Abdul

"There is plenty of real life practical and profitable skills to learn at Rcity Educational Center. My passion is coding, I love my coding classes and I hope to become a computer programmer someday"

Ready to get Admitted?

Give us a call right now using any of the following numbers. 09080002209, 08107098143, 09081309000

Visit us at 45, Iyobor Street Off Uwelu Road opposite Emeka Junction, Benin City, Edo State.